Favorite Lavender Ice Cream

Lavender Ice Cream

If I had to write a list of my favorite herbs lavender would be included amongst the basil, mint, and rosemary. Though I can’t imagine what bizarre scenario has forced me to write this list.

“Quick, if you ever want to see your ice cream maker again write a list of your favorite herbs. And it better be numbered…” the person of evil description threatened. Trembling I reached for a paper and pen.

Yeah, sure. Before I ate my first lavender shortbread cookie or the first bite of roasted chicken seasoned with an Herbs de Provence mixture including lavender I would have said that this herb was fit for essential oils, but it’s place did not belong in the kitchen. Oh, how I was wrong. Although, there are still some confusing times when applying my hand soap — hmm, lavender hands.

I love the color of lavender. Its gray green leaves. The buds that reflect the entire violet spectrum depending on the type, but still…always…with calming gray. It’s as if the whole plant is shrouded in dusky mist. Lavender isn’t a working herb — like oregano or thyme. It’s a celebration. Neither sweet nor savory, but a calming, subtle, refreshing celebration. How does an herb make your taste buds think all those contradictory tastes?

One of its best qualities is how contentedly it sits on the pantry shelf. Unlike mint or basil, whose flavor and use changes drastically, lavender is nearly always used dried. Which makes it a sort of everyday herb.

It’s bright days, dreary winters, and summer twilight. You probably get it by now. I like other herbs as well. I’m planning a basil ice cream and also a rosemary ice cream. And mint, of course.

This Lavender Honey Ice Cream was from David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop. Since I just followed the recipe (though cutting it in half…2 whole egg yolks in answer to your question) copying it here really just seems redundant. Go find this book. Take a bike ride down to your local public library and check it out. If the library doesn’t carry it ask if they do InterLibrary Loan. Just go get the book and then make this ice cream. While I’m in the mood for praising — oh my, honey sweetened ice cream. Going back to granulated sugar is going to be hard. It’s not just the flavor difference. This ice cream is the most incredible smooth. It’s luxury. Simple, unrefined, luxury. It leaves you both wanting more and completely satisfied.

I’ll be having more, but this time I’ll share.

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