Fly Me to the Moonwalk Cocktail

Moonwalk Cocktail

I’d hoped to post this article under different circumstances. You would be looking down on the tart and sweet bubbles while I was watching a rocket blast into the sky at Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia on its way toward the International Space Station. Orbital’s Antares rocket was designed to be an economical freight rocket rather than a vehicle to the moon. Fly me to the cost effective re-supply of ISS really didn’t have the same jazz.

NASA does this thing where people like me can apply for temporary media credentials. At her own expense the individual gets behind the scene tours, attends press conferences, and for a moment feels like her childhood dream of being an astronaut is as close to coming true as it ever could.

I’d hoped to attend today’s launch, but obligations at work took precedence. Even so, being accepted still feels like what might, perhaps, be my biggest accomplishment. Maybe ever. And I once got the Department of Transportation to admit to being wrong.

The accomplishment is in applying instead of worrying about rejection, failing, or negative comments while hiding behind my computer. This doesn’t seem to be NASA’s problem. Take a scroll at their social sites and you’ll read all the…unkind words.

Must be there is a point when the negative publicity doesn’t have an affect anymore. When all the documentaries, books, comments, blogs and what nots fail to matter. Ooh, tell me how the moon landing was a hoax. I’m so scared. As a little something of an astronomy buff (no sarcasm intended — I’d never compete against the real folks) I’ve seem them.

Plus, there’s that. What could have been the most publicized failure ever faced head on, with rocket fuel propelling them forward.

In honor of great accomplishments, I tackled cocktails. The story goes that the Moonwalk Cocktail was created by Joe Gilmore at The Savoy’s American Bar to commemorate the 1969 Moon Landing. It was served to Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins after returning home. The drink is good (Joe’s bartending skills were light years ahead of mine), but probably not as good as looking down on Earth.

My final thought. In many ways, NASA Social feels like the greatest example of marketing…ever. Now, if I can only learn this part too.


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