The Most Sincere Stuffed Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin whole

Next year the Great Pumpkin is sure to pick my pumpkin patch. Every year, I plan on making a truly sincere stuffed pumpkin patch hoping that it will be chosen, but with one thing and another it never happens. Earlier in October or even in September I’ll manage a muffin or two, maybe pie, or even chili. Though filled with the ghost of pumpkin past, they just aren’t this and on Halloween night the Great Pumpkin brings toys and goodies to someone else. That’s why I’m starting the week after Halloween. This pumpkin is sincerity through every forkful of stuffing.

pumpkin served

This recipe for Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good is a few places on the web and in a cookbook, but I first found it here. I like the dish because it is both incredibly sincere and sweetly simple. And Dorie Greenspan, the author, encourages you to change it around with your own ingredients.

Which is why I used a pie pumpkin and added swiss and sharp white cheddar cheese, one link of hot Italian sausage, fresh sage, shallot (though it turned out a little oniony for my taste), and a few drizzles more than 1/3 cup of heavy cream. I stuffed the pumpkin very, very full. It took about 1 hour 45 min to cook.

Yes, you are going to kill the pumpkin.

2 thoughts on “The Most Sincere Stuffed Pumpkin Patch

  1. In a very different situation I learned last Friday a pumpkin can take a lot of heat, like a little clay pot, before bad things happen. This post has inspired me to use that knowledge to make something tasty. Thanks!


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