Thankfully Giving Cinnamon Ice Cream

Cinnamon ice cream

I’ve become a sentimental mush in the past year. Hugging is practically commonplace. Everything causes me to tear up. Show me a picture of a cute puppy or retell the story of a someone saving a cat in a flood and beware the sniffles. And I’ve even shown excitement, eager emotional excitement about…things. Get it together, Brynne!  Where is that sarcastic, hard-assed person you’ve been? While I’m looking for her, let’s get this over with. Here are the things I’m thankful for.

Like I really care, pssh.

I am thankful…

…for every Thanksgiving dinner invite. As soon as time travel is a reality I will accept them all.

…for my fur-legged family.

…that I am wise enough to know that there is nothing neither I nor any of my loved ones need so much that Black Friday Mayhem beacons me.

…that I live so close to family we can see each other anytime and not just after we’ve suffered through traffic in order to celebrate an obligatory holiday.

…for being able to tightrope walk a fallen tree across a cold creek.

…for being able to skip from job to job.

…that an ice cream maker and 10 cinnamon sticks are within my reach.

…that I can dream about hopes for the future.

…for being happy with where I am.

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