A Simple Christmas Grilled Apple and Brie

Grilled Apple and BrieThis is not about bah-humbugness. It’s just that this Christmas I wanted to take things easy. Going without planned time off or a trip out of this city in over a year has me a little — actually surprisingly peppy but really lazy feeling cause of all the same old, same old. A relaxing Christmas vacation sounded ideal…time spent hiking with the dog…stress free travel…a long, lazy morning drinking cups of coffee. And, every dish would be washed by magic.

Quite the magical fantasy.

Weeks ago I figured out Santa wouldn’t be leaving that gift under the lit tree. Which is part of the reason why I decided¬†against making a food gift. None, nope. Wasn’t going to happen. I’d send out Christmas cards to everyone instead. Yup. Homemade cards decorated with folded paper trees courtesy of the dog’s voracious book consumption.

Maybe the people with dogs would get some dog treats ’cause I felt like making those. But that would be it.

Maybe some little gingerbread house cookies again, those were fun. Or mini gingerbread bundt cakes. That would be sweet. Just for those who don’t have dogs, cause it wouldn’t be fair to leave them out.

But nothing else.

Oooh, except sprinkles. Homemade sprinkles in those deep, rich colors you only get to see in winter clothing. How delightfully, childishly, simply Christmas would that be? According to the recipe I found sprinkles are practically frosting. Frosting!



My enemy. I tried anyway. I even bought the really expensive gel dye instead of the cheap liquid dye I normally get (and recently voraciously consumed by the dog). Perhaps for someone on friendlier terms with powdered sugar sprinkles would be the easiest piping job ever. Mine tasted disgusting which is hard to manage with just sugar. Even though I sifted the sugar as directed it still clogged up the piping tip. That’s when the whole of it was thrown in the sink. And now, I may have broken the Italian Cream Cake Treaty all because small jars glimmering with brightly colored sprinkles dazzled my eyes.

Plus, in traditional Christmas spirit, I came down with a cold this past weekend.

I’m back to the idea of a simple Christmas. When there is so much to eat everywhere no one needs one more bag of cookies. After the failed sprinkles where shoved out of the away I set about to make dinner: grilled brie with granny smith apples, a thin smear of fig preserve, and seeded rye bread. Even with a sore throat it was simply perfect fare.

Wouldn’t those ingredients make a delightful gift basket?

From someone else, of course.

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