Biting My Tongue On Pizza with Spinach, Bacon, Red Onions and Blue Cheese

Biting My Tongue PizzaAt times I think the reason I devour Masterpiece TV shows is because they seem so good at always saying the perfect sentences containing the perfect words. I’m jealous of this ability to deliver the best line. Which, is of course, their real trick. All their lines are written for them. If only I could say what I write all the time I’d (probably) never say the wrong thing.

In the time you know me I will at some point say the wrong thing. Impatience overcomes me and I speak too quick to bite my tongue. Because it hurts…a lot…when you really bite your tongue while eating homemade pizza at your friends. For a moment I was concerned that should my teeth have gone just a bit further I would have been rushing to the ER.

For a moment I was very scared because I wouldn’t want to lose my tongue. For a time in college I thought that the way around saying the wrong things was to never say anything even slightly wrong. Even I got bored with myself.

I realize that all those perfect things the characters of Masterpiece say include the wise and the kind statements, the apologies and the condolences in addition to a comeback. I wouldn’t bite off my tongue for anything, I just try to make it as quick in every temper as it is in the devilish one.

Though I just might try to temper my patience when waiting for pizza crust to bake to a crisp brown.

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