Marathon Chicken Salad Sandwich

Marathon Chicken Salad

My legs are still sore from this weekend. Every day I started walking and ended by running. Running to catch up or running to feel myself run. From Friday when I spied a friend walking ahead of me, to Saturday when I outran the dog at the park, and all the way to Sunday when I ran in order to not miss a friend running the Austin marathon — his first marathon. That deserves a congratulations.

Those runners put in an incredible commitment. A commitment that I happily don’t have. I’ve tried jogging only to quit after a week. I don’t own decent running shoes or a wicking shirt. Which is fine when you don’t run long enough to really work up a sweat.

Yet, I love the rush. Used to be while sprinting for a bus, I suspected myself of purposely being late. Those accidentally on purpose sprints don’t compare to running on the trail — not the well-graveled, city park trails, but the rugged, curving hiking trails shared by mountain bikers. I love the reckless, foolish, grand stimulation of jumping over tree roots, skipping down rocks, and taking a curve to duck under a branch. When I’m tired I stand on the top edge of a trail, looking out and feel my breath and I walk until again I feel my legs kick up while the loose sole of my right shoe flop smacks with each stride. I love running further.

Some weekends I just walk.

I will forever be on the marathon sidelines, cheering on the runners, and supplying spectators with a chicken salad sandwich. ‘Cause you can really work up an appetite with all that wa-hooing and clapping.

Disliking both mayonnaise and celery I’ve never cared much for chicken salad. The benefit of cooking is getting to do just exactly as you please. So, I’m going to say that I poached this chicken breast, even though I may have just boiled it and I neither know nor care to look up the difference. I’m also going to call this a recipe, though it really seems more of a doodle.

Chicken Salad

In a pot filled with water, a large dash of salt, one bay leaf, a couple whole allspice and a few whole cloves poach one boneless chicken breast until cooked.

Remove and set aside to cool.

Slice or chop the chicken into small pieces. Put in a bowl. Add in several needles of minced fresh rosemary, golden raisins, sliced almonds, and a few spoonfuls of plain yogurt. Season with salt and pepper.

Place in the refrigerator until cool.

Serve in a sandwich (or on flatbread as pictured) with fresh spinach, avocado, and cranberry relish. Though that last ingredient is optional depending on how much you like cranberry — I’m a fan, not everyone else is.

2 thoughts on “Marathon Chicken Salad Sandwich

  1. Yoghurt sounds like a nice substitute for mayo. Chicken and yoghurt are combined in a lot of cuisines. You could add some interesting herbs and spices for some ethnic variety.


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