Taking the Time with Risotto on a Weekday

Asparagus and Mushroom RisottoIn my freezer is a bag of peas. I’ve always liked peas, from my recollection. It’s a staple added to a vegetable medley with pasta or rice or the similar. It’s a quick addition to balance and fill out a lunch meal. Half a sandwich and…frozen peas. Check. Frozen veggie burger and…frozen peas. There’s lunch and check. Except I must have relied on this staple one too many times. Or more like several too many times.

The bag of green peas is now a semi-solid block of ice. Each little green round has been accumulating crystals for about a year, from my recollection. I can’t, absolutely can’t bring myself to eat them. I cringe and grimace and gulp at the idea.

While eating a snack bag of popcorn for a work day lunch I started to write a much needed grocery list. All the foods making it on were part of quick meals until I wrote down risotto. I reminded myself that this takes active cooking time. That the active cooking time takes longer than is normally allowed on a work day. That I was basing the meal plan on the idea that I thought some vegetable broth was sitting in the fridge and that I thought it was a mostly full box. In the end the risotto wanting side and not the sensible side won because I promised to add in some of those frozen peas.

I didn’t. Happily. While stirring the arborio rice and vegetable broth (which was just about the perfect amount) I thought about how too many meals had become quick meals. I may not have a choice at work, but by golly I did at home.

And I didn’t want to eat any old frozen peas! I, maybe, didn’t want to eat frozen peas ever again! That doesn’t apply to shelling fresh peas!

Fortunately the dog will eat anything. Sure he hid while I broke up the block by banging it on the counter and maybe he thought it was a little odd the first time, but he firmly believes in trying new and bizarre food stuffs. With this dog I may never force myself to eat something I don’t really want ever again. Except for the foods that are bad for dogs. Geesh people are so sensitive.


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