Grapefruit Rosemary Cake

Grapefruit Rosemary Cake

Did you go on a vacation last year? Will you tell me the story? Don’t skimp on the time you spent relaxing. Make sure to put in lots of details about the scenery, the locale, the people. Yes, what were the people like? You better not forget to mention the funny thing that made you laugh and laugh and laugh…

Wait, no, I don’t want to hear. Please don’t mention being required to take vacation time before you lose it. Keep quiet about playing hookie. I’ll shut my ears and sing la-la-la if you persist in telling about how you stood on snow or sand or rock. Your time off was spent at home, you say? Lucky you, I’ll respond. I can’t handle living vicariously through your adventure stories.

Not today.

It’s been too long since the alarm hasn’t woken me…interrupted my sleep…forced my eyes open for work. The woman cutting my hair thought so. A friend’s voice turned to pity as she asked if I had a trip planned.

In getting a new job, which has been overall a good move — an educational and financially beneficial move — I traded the time for the money. I just didn’t realize it. I didn’t mean to.

The little Grapefruit and Rosemary cakes you see above took me weeks and days to make. There was the plan to make them. A plan that was formed shortly after I grabbed a grapefruit and forgot to grab for the orange while rushing through the store. As the days turned to a week I hoped that the grapefruit and farmer’s market fresh rosemary would last. Then once I got around to cooking the grapefruit, it sat in the fridge, submerged in its cooking liquid while throughout the days I sent a little wish that it would continue to last until finally I could forsake other commitments for this cake.

It might not have ever happened if it weren’t for this site and forbidding myself from buying breakfast or dessert foods until after this cake was made.

It’s been almost a year since I made a drastic change in my life. It’s been two years, I think, since I went anywhere. It’s been over a year since I enjoyed time off. Oh  and Christmas doesn’t count. Going anywhere is difficult and cost-prohibitive. You can’t even plan fun city exploring because everything has to revolve around Christmas.

Don’t mind me. It’s been a less than stellar couple weeks. Oh, and I started taking classes again. That hasn’t helped. I’ve been contemplating weekend getaways. Any advice? Is it better to be a drivable distance or go for the flight? How far of a flight? I’d like beach, mountain, city, art… Maybe it would help if you told me about your trip.

Yes, I think I’d like to hear that story.

One thought on “Grapefruit Rosemary Cake

  1. We used to travel for weeks to a foreign country once a year. But due to a million reasons, we haven’t done this a few years. Instead, we’re taking tiny holidays close to home. It’s not all bad. New Zealand is very beautiful. For example, this Friday, for our 5 year wedding anniversary, we’re going glamping (glamourous camping) on a cliff-top by the sea. Just 1 night so it won’t break the bank.


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