Dry Lavender Soda Sugar Rush

Lavender SodaWith energetic enthusiasm I spent minutes…hours searching fantasy vacations. These vacations stretched from Wimberley only a bit over an hour’s drive away all the way to the tree tops to the beaches of Maine.

With great gusto, late into the night, I pinned images of tiny houses. Not too tiny so that a few friends couldn’t dine at the table. Not so big that it would be prevented from being a secret cottage set inside a garden.

Each day last week I excitedly jumped from one project, one passion, one fantasy, one plan to the next. Excess coffee might have been to blame. Poor sleep might have exacerbated my failure to appropriately temper my concentration. Final deadlines certainly had a spot on the list of causes.

Except what it was really like was being on a sugar rush. An up and down all day sugar rush. Not only could I not get enough of the chocolate I always crave, I poured sugar in a cup of iced coffee, ate coconut fruit bars for breakfast, ate an entire batch of cookies for dessert all on my own, and drank up soda. I blame the soda.

I made my first batch of lavender soda last week. Then I bought dry vanilla soda. I am picky about soda. Very. It’s never in my shopping basket. I’ll choose unsweetened black tea or secretly sweet lemonade instead. Or even just water. A really cool, smooth glass of water is swell. Then I discovered dry soda. Dry just means less sweet. Which is how I like my soda.

I liked it so much it’s all gone.

I’ve calmed down now.

Which is good, because it allows me to focus my thoughts on deciding which flavor of soda to make next.


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