Clean your plate Carrot Cake

Carrot Applesauce Cake

While growing up there was a time — after the early years and before the middle years — when dinner might be freezer night. Different from leftover nights, freezer nights gave you options like a turkey leg from the Thanksgiving before last or whatever is underneath the layer of ice crystals in the yellow container. Though never allowed, I’d always choose the leftover birthday cake.

The freezer always held leftover birthday cake. These were the un-frosted remnants from a sheet cake being turned into a crayon or bus or telephone. Wrapped in wax paper and foil the pieces were put in the freezer where little girls couldn’t reach them. I suspect they were never eaten.

Dessert was not a given. It was a tightly controlled treat.* So, of course, I’m kind of obsessed. I very often have cake in the house. It is properly eaten as all cake should be, not like the only for special occasions cake growing up. Except for carrot cake. For whatever reason — getting us to eat more vegetables was definitely not one of them — my mom made carrot cake so often it almost felt like an everyday treat. It is one cake I’d never made.

Hand grating the carrots on a small box grater always intimidated me, but after I found myself searching a grocery store’s bakery section for individual slices of carrot cake for the second time I thought it was time to take on the challenge.

Oh my gosh, what was I so scared about? How completely ridiculous. I mean, come on. Shredding the carrots was so easy. Before I knew it two carrots were turned into stubby strips and not a single knuckle was stinging. All together this was a very easy cake to make and it really is sort of healthy what with the applesauce and very little oil. Which is all the justification I need to eat a slice or two every night until my plate is cleaned.

And then, because I have leftover carrots, perhaps I’ll make another one.

Our Growing EdgeBecause it is the very first time I’ve made carrot cake due to a very inconsistent worry over the amount of work involved I’ve decided to make it my first Our Growing Edge submission. Since the talented creator, Bunny. Eats. Design., first emailed me about the monthly get together I’ve enjoyed reading the many posts gathered together by each months’ host, but have always been too unsure to submit one myself. Would it really be good enough? Ah, well, who knows. But, I’m awfully excited to be a part of this month. I look forward to reading all the submissions gathered by August’s host, Sneaks & Sweets.

*Which is probably much healthier but much less fun.


3 thoughts on “Clean your plate Carrot Cake

  1. The best thing about carrot cake is the icing. I love carrot cake but it must have icing. I’ve never used applesauce before, sounds like it would make the cake lovely and moist.


    • Cream Cheese frosting is one of the best kinds. I’ve never had carrot cake without, but trying to imagine it and it feels wrong — too healthy maybe.


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