You’re Toast, Now Walk the Plank

You're Toast, Now Walk the Plank

Really, truly, critically thinking about it I find the way we romanticize lawlessness odd. Against our natural inclination to establish order and rank in a law-abiding society. Except I totally get it. It’s not about escaping the law or stealing stuff, or greed — at least it isn’t for me. It’s about escaping to feel alive. Living where we are only visitors amongst the stronger, weirder, and unknown. Surviving in a place that would easily kill us. It’s about a place where humans are tiny. Where our pitiful attempts at taming the world are tumbled in a wave. Where you can disappear and not feel lost or be happy feeling lost — whichever floats your boat. The ocean always wins.

I even understand turning to piracy. In a place where all belongs to Davy Jones’ Locker nothing is mine and nothing is yours. Then again, Gravity didn’t scare me. I’d be a space pirate. Like in Firefly. Though there is something very relaxing about sails high above you, tight in a wind, a breeze knotting your hair. None of that is possible in space. Maybe I would be a pirate in the past.

Because it is always about the past when we reminisce fondly about pirates, raise a Jolly Roger, or talk like a pirate. I meant to make you all a mojito granita in honor of the upcoming Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th. The post was going to be called “Shiver me Granita” — it cracks me up every time. By make you I mean I was going to eat all of it while you looked at a picture. I forgot to make it. Maybe I’ll make you some rum raisin ice cream later. And by make you I mean post a picture to Twitter and Facebook so you can see what I am eating.

I’m munching this toast instead — it’s spread with Downey’s Cinnamon Honey Butter. My dad gave me a carton from the box an uncle mailed him. Apparently, it isn’t sold in Texas anymore. I didn’t even know how much I missed it until I saw the familiar packaging, opened it for the first time, licked the knife clean…I’ve been looking for an excuse to talk about it. Hehehe, sometimes it is good to be a pirate. If you have a problem with that you can scrub the deck, raise the mast, and walk the plank!


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