What is round and orange and goes in an enchilada?

Pumpkin Enchiladas

I didn’t always crave pumpkin. Other than in pumpkin bread, this gourd was best presented as a jack o lantern. Not even the seeds were roasted for eating. That was before I started making my own pumpkin puree. Now it’s pumpkin everything!


And not like in the grocery stores ’cause most of those “pumpkin” foods don’t have pumpkin in them. What they have are the spices you equate with pumpkin because they are in pumpkin bread. This is my suspicion anyway based on the pumpkin granola I often buy. It does have pepitas, but no other pumpkin.

Sometimes, when all the fresh pumpkins have left the store or time got away from me, I’ll still buy a can. It’s not the same. Some people say it is. Respectable food blog chefs say it is. But, it’s not.

The taste is really very worth the bit of extra work. I’d rather scoop the seeds out of a pumpkin than wash out the can and be reminded that the recycling needs to be taken out again. I’ll ignore the reminder, finding one more recyclable always fits in, until it doesn’t. Then it takes two trips to get it all out.

Pureeing pumpkin is not nearly as time consuming as fighting housekeeping guilt. Instead of all those nasty negative feelings you get to feel high and mighty for taking on a cooking challenge. It sounds really impressive too.


I can be kind of lazy. Look, I didn’t roll up those enchiladas. No, I layered them in a loaf pan. Those are canned black beans ’cause it takes hours to make dried. The spinach came pre-washed in a bag. That is homemade pumpkin puree in the enchilada sauce. The pumpkin was roasted earlier that day when I was, ummm, making something else. Probably dessert. I like dessert.

I’ve not even been roasting pumpkins correctly. Apparently. Like so many things I leaped after a brief glimpse and lengthy educated guesses. I typically cut a pumpkin into wedges and place them cut side up in a pie dish. Sometimes I’ve seasoned the pumpkin too, but not lately. I put a little water into the bottom of the pie dish. On occasion I use a baking sheet instead of a pie dish.

Proper directions say to place them cut side down. A wedge will always have one cut side up though so you’d have to only do halves.

The roasted flesh goes into the mini chop and that’s it.

Ooh-ooh you know how so many recipes have to specify “canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie.” Then sometimes, you aren’t paying attention at the store and end up with the pie variety anyway? You don’t have to worry about that either!



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