“…the bell was again upon the stroke of One.”

In the spirit of a Christmas Present…

Immediately after Thanksgiving I went to the Blue Genie Art Bazaar with good intentions to find amazing, unique, local presents for everyone. Everyone! Somehow between the crowd and the leftovers of a pre-Thanksgiving cold I walked out with only one purchase for myself. Oops. It’s a darling small print by Graham Franciose that reminds me a little of The Secret Garden. In my defense, I only bought myself one present — there were lots to choose from. My apartment boasts a few Blue Genie art print finds.

To get myself back on the nice list everyone gets a gift! Everyone better than I at giving gifts to others deserves a present. Those who spent part of their present budget on themselves deserves a free present to keep or give or both. It’s my book!* In October I mentioned being required to publish a book for a class on Digital Publishing eBooks. The semester’s over and the ebook is available as a free download (click on the button below). for a limited time. You know how author’s will receive a few printed copies to give out free? This is was like that.

Dragons Need Cake: and other writing scraps (Oh my gosh, oh my gosh italicizing that title — my title — was the most fun part!) is a short collection of posts featured on this site. The fun part is it’s organized in a Choose Your Own Adventure style. Inside you’ll also find one completely new story, two pictures, and four descriptions of how a dish was made!

Dragons Need Cake: and other writing scrapsSupport independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Wouldn’t this make a terrific White Elephant present? It would. It really would. Except how do you give ebooks? Oooh, I’ve got it. Here is a 4×6 card you can print out, save, or in other ways share.

To/From Book card

Inside these pages are an adventure. There are tales to make you wonder. Battles might be won. Don’t worry about packing snacks for the road because everything you need is inside. Just turn the page…

*Dragons Need Cake (oooh, I did it again) doesn’t have enough new content to make it a really proper blog-to-book book. Please be kind as this was a (scarily official) school project and I didn’t have time to get it copy or content edited.

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