Two Thousand Fourteen Moments of Silliness and Nonsense

Year 2014

I didn’t have any intention of looking back at 2014. Not on the blog, not off the internet, nowhere at all. I didn’t need to take stock — there’s a still a container of the homemade chicken variety in the freezer — bah duh bum. For once in my life I wanted to look only at what will be next. On January 1, 2016 I wanted to say ‘last year was a good year.’

Then, I saw this poster over on Pinterest. I bet those designers had a lot of fun creating that poster, I thought. That was the kind of fun I wanted to have. There you have it — 2014.

No more though. That’s why this is going up tonight rather than waiting for Saturday. What’s done is done. I’ll see you all here Saturday or At Your Leisure.

Exciting news Dragon Needs Cake is now on iTunes Bookstore. Check it out! Buy a copy! Read of daring and intrigue!

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