I made banana bread with chocolate chips.

Banana Bread with Chocolate ChipsBanana Bread — a solution against waste — is, sunup to sundown, everyday.

Unless you don’t like bananas. In which case you might want to find something else to read. If you’ll look to the left there’s an arrow to take you to older posts. Alternately, look down the screen and you’ll see a + at the center that opens up several widgets to help you find other posts to read.

I never buy banana bread out. Or banana muffins or banana cake. I can make all those very easily at home. Since I like my bananas barely ripe a bag of overripe bananas is usually present in the freezer. (I do, happily, accept gifts of these fruit and flour foods.)

Banana Bread with Chocolate — like the other side of the moon — is a treat. I never make it. Never. Years back, when I still believed the future lay ahead of me, I ate mountainous slices of banana bread dipped in dark chocolate at a rather fancy hotel in Canada. It was all due to my parents.

It took some convincing that I didn’t want to be a Roman eating a large breakfast before snapping on the skis. What I wanted was that banana bread and a large cup of coffee. I’d take both back to the hotel room where the window looked out to the mountains and the shadow of the moon floating above.* Everything was blue and gray and light and dark. That view was everything in between.

Probably, I’d get tired of the view and the banana bread. They’d both become my “lovely cursed retreat” as Elisabet Ney once said.

The other day I realized I needed to make banana bread with chocolate chips. Pouring a few handfuls of chocolate chips into your banana bread batter isn’ the same as those dipped slices from the hotel bakery. Finding a spot of muted beauty in a gray sky next to a brown roof isn’t the same view. Neither is either the everyday.

*It might have been the sun, shadowed into pale colors. Over a decade has passed since then. Whichever celestial orb it was, it was astronomically stunning.

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