Roasted Vegetable Lasagna Feast featuring Benjamin the Dog

Vegetable Lasagna and Benny

Last month I came across the Golden Globes on TV. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are funny and Masterpiece hadn’t started yet so I watched some of it. I learned something during that first hour: not only had I not seen the nominees but the titles didn’t even sound familiar to me. Never heard of ’em.

The realization surprised, but didn’t bother me. Usually, I can fake at least a passing knowledge of current stuff. I decided to right this wrong before the next award show. I was going to get caught up on all the nominated animated shorts.

I really like animated shorts.

Really like them. Most of them are so much better than the animated full lengths — in my opinion. Paperman has got to be the best Disney release since…umm well, I’m not sure what’s been released in the past few years. I’m kind of behind on the times.

While looking up the list of nominees I recognized one — to my complete surprise. I’d seen Feast when it played before Big Hero 6. Trying to watch the rest of the recent nominees turned out to be difficult. I did see that Alamo Drafthouse is playing them all, but the show I attempted to go to was sold out.

I changed my goal to get caught up on all of last year’s nominees. It was funnier that way too. Except, watching these also turned out to be difficult. This really surprised me because I only watch animated shorts online, but when I tried to watch Mr. Hublot again I couldn’t find it in the same place.

Apparently lots of creators have been taking their short films offline. This doesn’t make sense to me. How are you supposed to watch these outside of a theater?

I changed my goal again. I would relive the memory of watching Feast by watching the trailer. Goal accomplished. Does anyone else think it is really funny that a 5 minute movie has a trailer? It is kind of oddly fortuitous that the one animated short I saw is about a food-obsessed dog. I have one of those.

The roasted vegetable lasagna I made as a reward for accomplishing my goal was supposed to be topped with parsley ’cause that’s what happens in the movie. I didn’t remember to buy it though, so I had to settle for getting the dog in the shot. It’s difficult with a big dog. That, I am sure, is why the animators drew such a little dog.

Obviously, Benny did not enjoy participating in this photo shoot. Don’t believe he doesn’t care about that food set in front of him. He knew he wouldn’t get any of my lasagna. That’s why he only attempts to steal bites from a hot dish set on top of a hot oven when he’s decided I’m not paying attention to him.

Now that I’ve properly accomplished my goal I am going to re-watch some old episodes of Doctor Who. I’m not even current on my favorite shows.

P.S. It’s Valentine’s Day today and most blogs have been publishing theme related posts. Feast is a love story. Look at me being totally mainstream.

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