Baking these drop scones.

Drop scones

First, these scones were good. I was surprised — mostly because it was kind of late and I sort of sternly forced myself to get up off the couch, dirty the dishes, and mix ’em together because I was done with hearing myself complain about wanting to bake something. But I could not, would not be forced into patting, rolling or cutting out any scones. So there!

I’ve not been up to much baking the past month. I’ve been up to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pudding cups, and bananas. Without much thought (sometimes unfortunately) I’ve made and gobbled black bean & sweet potato tacos, sweet potato & hummus pitas, and the largest pot of vegetable pasta gradually eaten straight out of the large plastic container.

Baking these cranberry drop scones felt centering. Dropping the thick batter onto a baking sheet, eating them even with a cup of hot mint tea even though it was almost my bedtime and I was full from whatever it was I’d had for dinner —  happy sigh — it was so nice. So nice I ate the whole batch all by myself. But not before forcing myself to snap a photo for the first time in over a month.

I made more with blueberries and crystallized ginger that are being gifted to others. Though it’s really for selfish reasons — I wanted more of that happy baking feeling.

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