Strummin’ a six-string a’ taquitos

Strummin' a six-string a' taquitos

Jimmy Buffett’s get-away words came on the radio while I idled on Lamar near the Shoal Creek Dog Park on a morning in late summer. Like a light bulb over my head, what the song needed were taquitos. Homemade taquitos. I even surprise myself sometimes. It was just brilliant. So ingenious I baked taquitos twice that week.

Letting my mind wander at will gets my body through the twice-daily rush-hour commute. Only rarely do I have to turn the car around in order to get to work. Reasoned details aren’t always important. For instance, the song provides a menu of food options none of which are taquitos. In the picture are only five taquitos even though I made more than six. I also don’t have a six-string or any instrument.

I had however, been perusing the social study that is Pinterest the night before. Looking for colors, I became excited and inspired, but most of all capricious about thoughts of future things I wanted to do for no reason whatsoever. Like making taquitos.

When those song’s lyrics about escaping from the every day, the worries and the mistakes came on the radio I got it. And also, why don’t I have a six-string or any other instrument? Used to be I wanted to play. That was before I planned most hobbies for their potential benefit to my professional development rather than just ’cause.

At some point in taking risks and growing up and driving to work I forgot Oscar Wilde’s advice given through Lord Darlington. It’s one of my favorite quotes, paraphrased, written on a small sticky-note, saved and carried and displayed from job to profession: “life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.”

I might make playing a mid-year resolution — it’s been a while since I set one of those — but it reminds me too much of an old Calvin and Hobbes strip. It’s nearing the end of summer and Calvin is trying to fit in all the fun he can. Wise Hobbes comments that he never realized having fun was so much work.

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