Do you have a favorite food?
French fries are one of the best foods ever.

What’s your background?
I live in Austin, Texas. I’m an ever-aspiring writer, creator, live life to the fullest-er who worked for a very large company before switching to work at a very small company and then gave that up too.* Now, I happily go to a part-time job where I am surrounded by books and fun people. Which doesn’t pay the bills, so I now work as a writer, editor, creator for a very large agency with kind people.

Have you written a book?
Yes! It’s a short ebook called Dragons Need Cake: and other writing scraps. Click to the book page to find out all the places you can get it for free.

Why are so many of the recipes missing amounts?
Often times, I don’t remember to measure ingredients while cooking. Sometimes, I make up the amounts anyway for the purpose of the recipe. You may also want to know that the recipes are the least edited part of the entire blog. Cook at your own risk.

Your posts have recipes?
Possibly. These are stories about life around food. I think of it as the conversation around the dinner table. My recipes aren’t great or even very original so it doesn’t make sense to clutter the internet with them.

How did you get started?
This is the first post. Then a friend was eating the pie and joked “maybe the first book you should write is a recipe book.” At the time I was looking for a challenge. I decided to bring it all together by writing about the food in my life. That’s a kind of simplified version. There’s a longer version involving a secret blog, social anxiety, and never ever giving up on being a writer.

What’s with the title? Does it mean you only cook with common ingredients?
If I only had a time machine…I’d come up with a better title for the site. I’m a bit esoteric. It’s based on the idea of the Common Reader as presented by Virginia Woolf and Anne Fadiman. Succinctly it means I cook for personal pleasure. When I write about events and food it’s kind of like I’m getting to eat dinner at a table with a bunch of friends. There are many more talented chefs (many of whom write blogs too — you’ve probably heard of them, they’re kind of famous) who can teach the technique.

What’s with the Meals to Die by posts — they’re kind of gruesome?
Gruesomely intriguing, you mean.

I really enjoyed your post on Sugar and Bees, when are you doing another post?
Why are you asking me so many questions?

Have you ever been asked any of these questions?
No. Well, except for the favorite dish.

Then why have a FAQ page?
I could be asked these questions. Because big blogs have pages where they answer questions about themselves. I’m thinking ahead. I could be big.

Are you being sarcastic?
Yes, nearly always. I’m trying to work on that by getting it all out here.

Why was there a * in that answer up above?
That’s to show that this site and all the content on it is mine and mine alone. The ideas and opinions (though they may be shared with others) reflect me and not anyone else and especially not any company who has ever hired me.

Was that last answer also sarcastic?
No. I said nearly not always.

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