Dragons Need Cake

Dragons Need Cake: and other writing scrapsBuy at: iTunes | LuLu | Nook | Kobo

I published an eBook! It’s super exciting. You should absolutely read this.

Dragons Need Cake: and other writing scraps is a collection of personal essays featured on by: The Common Cook. There is also one brand new story and four descriptions of how a dish was made.

Inside these pages are an adventure. There are tales to make you wonder. Battles might be won. Don’t worry about packing snacks for the road because everything you need is inside. Just turn the page…

Available for free using the links above.

“Dragons Need Cake is an excellent example of turning a blog into a book. You are an excellent writer and I love your sense of humor.” –  ACC Instructor
“I really enjoyed your book. You should be very proud. Awesome job.” – Childhood Friend
“I liked your book.” – Dad

2 thoughts on “Dragons Need Cake

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